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Scoliid Wasps - Lawns

Scoliid wasp on goldenrod

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These are actually good guys!

Another group of ground nesting wasps are the digger or Scoliid wasps. Scoliid wasps are about 5/8 inch long, blue-black, with blackish purple wings. There are two yellow stripes, one on each side of the abdomen. Their bodies are fairly hairy and the back part of the abdomen is covered with reddish hairs. They are generally seen flying over the lawn during the day, leaving in early evening. Scoliids are beneficial wasps parasitic on grubs. They are not aggressive and generally do not attack people. They disappear at the end of the season and help control the beetle grubs. Adults are often seen visiting goldenrod flowers in late summer.

Scoliid wasp on lawn

Close-up of Scoliid Wasp

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