University of Maryland Extension

Ways You Can Help

Don’t introduce invasive plants

  • Don’t plant them
  • Don’t share them with others
  • Don’t accidentally transport them. Remove seeds from muddy shoes, burrs stuck on clothes. Avoid mixing their root pieces or seeds in soil with other plants
  • Avoid disturbing soils unnecessarily; invasives are quick to colonize.  Quickly replant vacant soils

Encourage native plants

  • Increase use of natives in home landscapes to order to increases the native seed and gene pool
  • Set aside some untouched natural areas to preserve native genotypes
  • Support deer control where deer over-population is decimating native plants
  • Replace invasive plants with a native plant or, at least, a non-invasive plant

Educate yourself and others

  • Encourage local nurseries to stock native plants, particularly local genotypes, and buy them
  • Bring nurseries’ attention to invasive stock and invasive weeds hitchhiking on stock
  • Share the news about invasive plants to friends, neighbors and family

Remove invasive plants

  • Familiarize yourself with invasive species in local parks and natural areas
  • Report sightings of invasive plants in parks to the managing agency
  • Support community efforts to clear invasive plants and restore native plants

Resources for Control of Invasives

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