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Photo of houseplants

Houseplants, or also referred to as indoor, foliage and tropical plants, are a beautiful addition to our indoor spaces. Most are grown for their foliage as flowering houseplants can be a bit more demanding in their light requirements. 

Seasonal plants have become an important part of our holiday celebrations and add a unique touch to holiday décor. 

 Best Practices for houseplant care


(PDF) HG 60 IPM Series: Houseplants
(PDF) HG 105 Overwintering Tropical Plants
Care of Phalaenopsis orchids (moth orchid)

Seasonal Plants:
Care of Amaryllis
Care of Indoor Rosemary Topiary
(PDF) HG 30 Holiday Plant Care: Poinsettia
(PDF) HG 45 Selecting and Caring for the Cut Christmas Tree
(PDF) HG 46 Selecting and Caring for a Live Christmas Tree

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