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Ornamental Plants

Photo of Daffodils
Photo of flower

An array of ornamental plants which includes annuals, bulbs, groundcovers*, perennials and vines* allow homeowners to create attractive and gratifying landscapes.
*Groundcovers and vines are also classified as woody ornamentals.

 Best Practices for the planting and care of ornamental plants 


  (PDF) HG 94 - IPM Series: Annuals and Perennials
  (PDF) HG 20 - Introduction to Herbaceous Perennials
  (PDF) HG 99 - Dividing Herbaceous Perennials
  (PDF) FS 556 -Preserving Flowers and Leaves
  (PDF) HG 25 - Xeriscaping and Conserving Water in the Landscape
Color in the Fall Landscape

Aquatic Gardening: 

Aquatic Gardening: Construction and Maintenance
Basics of Planting Aquatic Plants


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