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What motivates both die-hard and casual gardeners alike to spend precious time digging, planting, weeding and caring for their gardens and landscapes? It is the huge sense of satisfaction obtained from the plants they have faithfully nurtured. Beautiful blooms, delicious homegrown fruits and vegetables, the cool shade from a stately tree, a cheery flowering houseplant and a patch of green are all worthwhile rewards!

We can help with the selection, maintenance, and diagnosing of problems. If you cannot find the answer on our website, Ask Maryland's Garden Experts

Food Gardening (Grow It Eat It) Environmentally sound edible plant gardening practices

Houseplants & Seasonal - Selecting, care and common problems of indoor and seasonal plants

Lawns Getting started, maintenance, renovation, weeds and common problems of home lawns

Native Plants - Selecting, planting, and care for our diverse and beautiful native plants

Ornamental Plants - Planting, care, and common problems of annuals, bulbs, groundcovers, perennials and vines

Trees & Shrubs  - Selecting, purchasing, care and common problems of woody landscape plants

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