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Paulownia (Empress or Princess Tree)*

Paulownia tomentosa

flowering paulownia

Photo by James H. Miller, USDA Forest Service,

Life Cycle: deciduous tree

Growth habit: small to medium tree that reaches a height of 30-60 ft. Produces clusters of light purple, fragrant flowers in the spring. Paulownia is a highly competitive, invasive* ornamental tree that grows rapidly 

Reproduction: produces numerous winged seeds, dried capsules (houses the seeds) mature in the fall and remain attached to the tree through winter. Suckers from root or stump

Conditions that favor growth: disturbed natural areas, including forests, streambanks, and steep rocky slopes. Prefers sun

Cultural control: hand pull young seedlings, including the root system when the soil is moist. Cut young trees at the base if flowering to prevent seed formation

Resources: Invasive Tree Control 
Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group: Paulownia

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                            Photo: PA Dept. of Conservation & Nat. Resources,

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