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Overview- Problems

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Wilting cucumber plants? Have a strange moth flying around your kitchen? Houseplants looking sad? Out-of-control weeds? These are a few of the plant and pest problems that challenge us each year. You may be surprised to learn that:

  • Many problems are minor and don’t require any action
  • Most problems are NOT primarily caused by insects or diseases
  • Many problems have multiple causes

Plant Problems -houseplants, lawns, ornamentals (flowers), trees, shrubs, small and large fruits, and vegetables

Insects- stinging/biting, indoor, structural, and nuisance pests PLUS other cool insects to check out

Invasive Species - insects, diseases, and plants of concern from outside our region

Weeds- learn how to identify and control these “plants out of place"

Wildlife- learn more about our co-inhabitants and how to prevent damage to homes and gardens

IPM (Integrated Plant Management) - a research-based holistic approach to pest management!


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