University of Maryland Extension

May Houseplant Tips

Pothos in container
Pothos Vine (Scindapsis). Photo: R. Bosmans

(More tips from HGIC)

  • This is a good time to take and root stem and leaf cuttings and to re-pot plants that are outgrowing their containers. Be careful not to over-water houseplants.
  • When repotting plants, avoid overly large containers. Plants roots often drown because of the large amount of water held by the greater volume of growing medium. High-quality artificial mixes contain peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite and should be used for re-potting. Do not use soil from the garden for your houseplants. It will not drain properly.
  • Fungus gnats are small, black insects that hover around plants. They breed in and feed on moist media and can be controlled by allowing the growing media to dry out between waterings.
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