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March Indoor & Outdoor Insect Tips

congregating ladybird beetles

Photo: Asian lady beetles congregating.

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  • In March, several species of insects are waking up from their winter dormancy. The earliest ones are the Asian lady birdbeetle, marmorated stink bug, elm leaf beetle, cluster flies, leaf-footed bugs, ants, and boxelder bugs. Early in the season, they all seem to want to come inside your home. No chemical controls are recommended. They are harmless and can be swept up or vacuumed.
  • When ants come indoors, bait stations are very effective at controlling them (PDF HG 7 Ants and their Control). Carpenter ants are attracted to wood that has been damaged by water. (PDF HG 115 Carpenter Ants)
  • Termite swarms are also becoming active. If you have a swarm, it may mean that there is a colony living under or very near to your home’s foundation. To learn more about termites refer to (PDF) EB 245 Termites:Prevention, Detection, Control.
  • Indian meal moths are a common problem of grains and grain products, cereals, bird seeds, dried pet food, etc. You may see adults flying, larvae crawling or webbing. Remove the source of the infestation and clean all jars and containers that are affected. Always check bulk foods prior to purchase for signs of meal moth infestation (silken webs in the product). Do not use insecticides to control these pests.
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