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Fall 2018

  • What is orange and black and eating my milkweed plant?
  • Don't be fooled by burning bush!
  • Oct. 6 - AGNR Open House
  • Video: How to send in your plant ID questions
  • Video: Deer ticks and Japanese barberry
  • Video: Fertilize your lawn
  • Upcoming events
  • Upcoming training opportunities
  • Common fall spiders
HGIC Fall 2018 newsletter

Summer 2018

  • What can I do about all these weeds?
  • Mosquito control strategies
  • Survey of our service
  • New Law in Maryland: Pollinator Protection Act
  • Meet a pollinator: Cellophane bee
  • 2017 Annual Report

Spring 2018

  • Spotted lanterfly moving closer to Maryland
  • Spring Lawn Care: How to deal with weeds and bare spots
  • Raised Beds: How to build; advantages and disadvantages
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