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HB1102: How you can take action

General Assembly to Consider House Bill 1102: Celebrating Maryland Native Plants and Pollinators License Plate

HB1102: Celebrating Maryland Native Plants and Pollinators License Plate is currently under consideration by the Maryland General Assembly. If passed, this legislation would create a specialty license plate to support Maryland native plants and pollinators. Revenue from the plate would fund a statewide University of Maryland Extension education program that would facilitate the production and use of native plants and promote the protection of native pollinators.

Please refer to this webpage to learn about the need for this program and how proceeds from the specialty plate would be used. 

For current and detailed information about the bill, its history, and its progress, please refer to the General Assembly of Maryland HB1102 listing.

If you would like to contact elected officials in your district to share your views about this bill, please do before March 9th. The hearing for this bill is scheduled for March 10th.

Below are the names of specific Delegates on the Environment & Transportation Committee who will be voting on this bill on March 10th.

Kumar P. Barve, Chair  Dana M. Stein, Vice-Chair
Carl L. Anderton, Jr.
Pamela G. Beidle
Alfred C. Carr, Jr.
Andrew P. Cassilly

Robert L. Flanagan
William G. Folden
David Fraser-Hidalgo
Barbara A. Frush
James W. Gilchrist
Anne Healey

Marvin E. Holmes, Jr.
Jay A. Jacobs
Jay Jalisi

Tony Knotts
Stephen W. Lafferty
Clarence K. Lam

Cory V. McCray
Anthony J. O'Donnell
Charles J. Otto

A. Shane Robinson
Kathy Szeliga
William J. Wivell

Please share this information with co-workers, family, friends, and neighbors who have an interest in native plants and pollinators.

Questions? Please contact Sara Tangren, Ph.D., Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension at or Jon Traunfeld, Center Director and State Master Gardener Coordinator at for more information.

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