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Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping Practices

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The science-based information on this website will help you learn the whys and how-tos of sustainable gardening using best practices (found throughout the site) that are good for you and the environment. 

Organic, sustainable, ecological? What do these terms really mean and is it possible to have a nice yard and garden without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers?


Best Practices - goals and best practices for a more sustainable yard 

Climate Change adapt to climate change while reducing your garden’s carbon footprint

IPM (Integrated Plant Management) - a research-based holistic approach to pest and disease management

Landscaping concepts for a healthy landscape

Native Plants - select, plant, and care for our diverse and beautiful native plants

Pollinators and Natural Enemies (Good Guys!) attract and protect these vital garden critters

Reduce Lawn - benefits of having less area planted in turf grass

Soils and Compost feed your soil and the soil will feed your plants

Waterwhen and how to water your plants and reduce stormwater run-off


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