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Insect Pests - Vegetables

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Video- How to Identify Insect Pests in Your Vegetable Garden 

Two Organic Pesticides for Vegetable Gardeners

aphids on leafAphids

asparagus beetle on spearAsparagus beetle

cabbage looper on collardsCabbage looper

colorado potato beetle and eggsColorado potato beetle

corn earworm and damageCorn earworm

striped cucumber beetleCucumber beetle (spotted and striped)

cutworm and damageCutworm

cyclamen mite damageCyclamen mites

eggplant lacebug damageEggplant lacebug

european corn borer damageEuropean corn borer
(corn, peppers)

flea beetles on eggplant leavesFlea beetle

harlequin bugs on leafHarlequin bug

imported cabbageworm leafImported cabbageworm

Japanese beetle adultJapanese beetle

leafminer damageLeafminer

damage from maggotsMaggots/Root vegetables (wireworms)

Mexcian bean beetlesMexican bean beetle

potato leafhopper on leafPotato leafhopper

potato tuberworm inside potatoPotato tuberworm

root aphid infestationRoot aphids

nodules on roots from root knot nematodesRoot knot nematode

seed corn maggot adultsSeed corn maggot

slugs on leafSlugs

spider mitesSpider mites

squash beetle on leafSquash beetle

squash bug and eggsSquash bug

squash borer and eggsSquash vine borer

brown marmorated stink bugStink bug

hornwormTobacco/Tomato hornworm

pinworm and damageTomato pinworm

group of whitefliesWhiteflies


(PDF) HG 59 - IPM Series: Eggplant
(PDF) HG 57 - IPM Series: Peppers
(PDF) HG 76 - IPM Series: Pome Fruit
(PDF) HG 55 - IPM Series: Potatoes
(PDF) HG 56 - IPM Series: Tomatoes
(PDF) HG 38 - Late Blight of Potato and Tomato

Looking for organic alternatives for pest management in the vegetable garden?

IPM Vegetable Specialist, Dr. Gerald Brust, has a 117 page publication you can download for reference. Click Organic Vegetable Pest Management for the article, then click on the document link to download the article. The Maryland Vegetables website is primarily for the commercial vegetable grower, but it is valuable to all food gardeners.

Just for fun, check out Mike Raupp's Bug of the Week page.

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