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Eggplant Lacebug - Vegetables

damaged eggplant leaf caused by lacebugs

Eggplant lacebug damage

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Whitening of eggplant leaves can indicate a lacebug infestation. This lacebug feeds on eggplant primarily but is also occasionally found on other members of the Solanaceae family- tomato, potato, etc. It is dark brown around the head and has lacey, well-veined wings. The lacebugs are not that noticable but their damage to the foliage is. 

Management: Monitor plants closely for signs of this insect if leaves become stippled. Apply ultra-fine horticultural oil or insecticidal soap to control damaging populations of this occasional pest. Be sure to direct the spray to the upper and lower leaf surfaces.

eggplant lacebugs on the underside of leaf
Eggplant lacbugs on eggplant leaf

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