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The University of Maryland Food Supplement Nutrition Education (SNAP-Ed) program developed Text2BHealthy, a text message based program for parents which reinforces nutrition information and behaviors their children are learning in school SNAP-Ed programs. On average, Text2BHealthy is implemented in 15 Maryland elementary schools and reaches over 2,000 parents annually. Parents who participate in Text2BHealthy are surveyed both before and after the program about grocery shopping habits, familial eating and physical activity behaviors, and home nutrition environment characteristics. Real-time evaluation is also obtained through texted questions, which assess parents’ responses to previous educational messages. The data collection is used to provide information on program relevance and applicability, as well as to explore whether text messaging, alone and in combination with in-school SNAP-Ed youth programming, is associated with improved health outcomes among participating families. The results have informed message content and delivery, and have also encouraged program expansion and replication by other agencies. The evaluation of Text2BHealthy parents is part of a comprehensive parent-wide evaluation plan assessing both individual behavior changes (MT1, MT3) and organizational adoption of healthy supports (MT5, MT6). 

The evaluation of Text2BHealthy has evolved from a standalone program evaluation to a robust evaluation of policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) change efforts. Parents enrolled in Text2BHealthy are now evaluated as part of a comprehensive evaluation effort assessing the impact of multiple interventions within a school community site.

Text2BHealthy Presentation -- Overview of the Text2BHealthy program including data on cell phone usage, program design and evaluation. 



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