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Record Books

Record Keeping is an integral part of the 4H and Youth Development program.  Record books are used to track progress in projects as well as reflect on learning experiences throughout the year.

All Frederick County 4-H members, except Clovers or first year members, are required to complete a 4-H Record Book or a Resume (Seniors Only) to be eligible to participate in any 4-H activities the following year. Finished record books are submitted to the 4-H member’s primary club leader for review in the beginning of the year; all books are then hand delivered by the Club Leader to the 4-H county office in early February for review and judging. A 4-H member may be nominated for an award at Achievement Night (April) based on the completeness and quality of the record book submitted to their leader. Any record book submitted with missing or incomplete sections will be returned to the 4-H’er for revisions; once revisions have been submitted to the 4-H office, the 4-H member will receive a letter stating eligibility for participation in Maryland 4-H activities.

Record Book Member Guide

Crafting My 4-H Record Book

Project info - 4-H Curriculum

4-H curriculum promotes positive youth development through experiential learning. We believe that kids retain more information -- and have more fun! -- when they are part of the learning process. All of our curriculum products contain this element of experiential learning.  With over 350 books and educational kits in 60 different categories, there is sure to be something to excite and engage the youth with whom you work! All of the curriculum goes through a rigorous peer review process, ensuring the highest quality of all of our materials.


While clovers are not required to complete a full record book, they are encouraged to begin learning the process.  Clovers may submit a Title Page, 4H Story,  Clover Project Record, and Picture Page for county recognition.


Both Junior and Intermediate 4Hers are to follow the Junior Guidelines when completing their Record Book.  Included must be a Title Page, Summary Record, 4H Story (2-3 pages), Project Record, and Project Pictures for EACH project held longer than 30 days.

Sample- General Project Record (sample is a senior record, the same information is used)

Sample- Summary Record (sample is a senior record, the same information is used)

Specialty Project Records:

For some project areas, there are specific project record sheets that replace the General Form.  These projects are: Dairy, Small Pet, Camelid, Dog, Horse, Large Animal Breeding, Market Livestock, Poultry, Rabbits & Cavies and Shooting Sports.


Seniors are to follow the Senior Guidelines in completing their Record Book.  These 4Hers are HIGHLY encouraged to participate in the Portfolio Program as well.  Senior Resumes may be used in place of the Summary Record page, and the Essay may be used in place of the 4H Story *at the Club Leader's descretion*

Sample- General Project Record

Sample- Summary Record

Out of State Trips:

Seniors participating in the Portfolio Program have the ability to apply for Out of State Trips.  These trips are once in a lifetime experiences!  You must complete the corresponding Application, Resume, and Essay. 

2018 Out of State Trip Question:
Essay: "Describe your most significant 4-H experiences and how they contributed to your personal growth as shown by attitude, insights, and life skills gained."


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