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Club Forms:

Club Leader Record Book Forms - due in early February
  • Individual 4-H Member Record Book Score Sheets (word doc)  (pdf)
  • Club Record Book County submittal form for ALL Record Books.  Any new members who have registered in the 4HOnline system by May 1st of the current year will be considered as a first year member.  Anyone enrolled in the 4HOnline system after May 1st will not be counted as a first year member until the following calendar year.  (word doc)  (pdf)
  • Record Book County submittal form to be turned in with County Nomination Record Books, please be sure to include the name of your "Outstanding 4-H'er of the Year".  (word doc)  (pdf)
  • Effective Record Books - this publication gives information about Record Books in general, how to judge and score them, and how to submit your county nominations. 

Membership forms- due on or before June 1st (4HOnline enrollments will not be confirmed without member dues)

  • Membership Participation  (Excel workbook)
  • Insurance
  • Fair Eligibility - (new form for 2019) 4-H new and returning members need to be enrolled in the 4HOnline system by May 1st of the current year, members with livestock projects showing at the local fairs need to be enrolled earlier due to weigh-in dates and requirements of Specialty Clubs (i.e. meetings attended).
Financial forms- due annually on or before August 15th 

Tips on How to Complete Your Club's Financial Reports - tells you how to complete your Treasurer's Report, Annual Financial Summary Report and Annual Inventory Report.

  • Treasurer's Book
  • Annual Audit Checklist- Completed and turned in with the Treasurer's Report.  Need copies, not originals to be turned in with your Treasurer's Report: 
    • 12-13 months of bank statements depending upon date range of statement.  If bank statement runs the 1st-30/31st then only 12 months are needed.  If mid-month to mid-month 13 months are needed to cover July 1-June 30th.
    • Deposit slips
    • Cancelled checks (usually shown on bank statements)
    • Checks need 2 signatures: Club Treasurer and Club Leader or other Club Adult  (this needs conveyed to the club Leaders, is currently not observed)
    • Receipts for expenses and for checks issued
  • Annual Financial Summary - Totals are taken from the Treasurer's Report from the Totals page and also the Categories page (if you choose to use this page).  Remember the beginning balance is the ending balance from last year's report.
  • Annual Club Inventory
    • Needs to be completed every year, even if there are no changes to your inventory.
    • It is a word doc so you can keep it digitally and make whatever necessary changes from year to year without having to fill it out by hand each year.  This is great if you have a lot of inventory to track.

990N E-Postcard filing due online by November 15th (dated July 1 of the previous year through June 30th of the current year).  Please forward by email a copy of the confirmation page which states "accepted", "rejected" or if there is a problem with the filing to

Club forms- due on or before December 1st
  • Charter Renewal Application- Due every 3 years (2019 due 12/1/18, 2022 due 12/1/21) please update Club Leader information, list your EIN number in question 1, needs to be signed by the Club Leader and Club President on page 2.  The 4-H Office will check off the boxes for the questions after we verify the club is in compliance of the requirements listed.
  • By-Laws- Due every 3 years (2019 due 12/1/18, 2022 due 12/1/21) please review and update your Bylaws with your club, even if they remain unchanged from the previous year please re-sign and date for the current year. (sample By-Laws) 5 page document.  This should be completed in November; deadline is December 1st on required years.
  • List of Leaders, Officers and Volunteers- Due every year, dated for the upcoming year.  Officer elections will need to be done in November, deadline is December 1st.  
  • Summary of Past Year Activities- Due every year, dated for the upcoming year.  This is a summary of last year's work/goals progress and also the upcoming year's goals and meetings/events.
  • Public Relations Efforts- Due every year, dated for the current year.  Showing what efforts you have made in the past year to publicize your club and new members recieved.
  • Secretary's Book - Due every year, dated for the current year.  The Secretary's Record Book is the official report of your 4-H club year.  It lists members and leaders in the club and contains the record of business transacted and programs held for the year.

Other forms

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