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Current Programs

Current Cecil County 4-H School Enrichment Programs:

Train-the-Trainer Opportunities:                                                                

-AGsploration:  The Science of Maryland Agriculture 

-4-H Hands-On STEM 

Educational Kits:

-4-H Hands-on STEM      

-4-H Embryology; Chicks in the Classroom

-AGsploration:  The Science of Maryland Agriculture

-4-H Vermicomposting:  Worms in the Classroom

Outreach Programs:

4-H Science; actual hands-on science experiments including the infamous DIAPER DISSECTION! 

-4-H Embryology; HYBRID PROGRAM 

- U.M.E Walk Cecil County; a virtual walk using pedometers and creative activities in the classroom.

- 4-H Healthy Lifestyles; a food and nurtrition program focusing on healthy choices

- 4-H Junk Drawer Robotics and Engineering; using engineering principals with everyday items.

- 4-H Vermicomposting:  Worms in the Classroom.  Become a worm farmer with a new class pet!

- 4-H Junior Master Gardener: a series focusing on hands-on gardening including life skills and career exploration 

- 4-H Technology:  Using the latest technology to teach.

     -iPad Technology

     -3-D Printing

     -Maker Space Programming

     -Mobile Tech Lab

     -Video Production

- Baywise: a partnership between Cecil County 4-H and Cecil County Master Gardeners towards local schools becoming Baywise certified and can count towards MAEOE Green School Certification.


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