University of Maryland Extension

Baywise/ Junior MG

The Baywise/Green School 4-H School Enrichment Program is a partnership between Cecil County 4-H Youth Development and the Cecil County Horticulture/ Master Gardeners. 

The MD Bay-Wise Program focuses on water quality. It comprises a comprehensive set of environmental topics that affect the quality and quantity of water here in Maryland. Most of these topics relate to landscape management, however, a few, like hydrology, wells & septic systems, hazardous household products and water conservation, address household issues. 

Historically this program is used by homeowners to evaluate their yards- but this new partnership between 4-H youth development and the Cecil County Horticulture/Master Gardener program focuses on the public school landscapes and practices. Programming for Baywise certification will include lessons directly tied to the evaluation of the specific school's "yardstick" and may include topics such as; rain barrels, vermicomposting, animal habitats and native plantings.

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