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4-H Embryology

          The 4-H Embryology School Enrichment Program allows youth to explore their inherent curiosity about the world around them. By utilizing experimental learning techniques including hands- on programming teachers can establish a classroom where students begin to develop a strong STEM foundation. 4-H embryology allows youth to experience science in the real-world situation; learning, observing, experimenting and applying their knowledge to the incubation process.


Caring for the chicks both prior to and after they are hatched allows for the development of life skills. Particularly Kindergarten aged youth begin to get a sense of responsibility and nurturing that will serve as a foundation for their future as contributing and caring citizens. 

If you are interested in the Cecil County 4-H Embryology Project please complete the paperwork below or contact Victoria Stone at or 410-996-5280.

- Cecil 4-H Embryology Letter  -Embryology Program Request Form -Embryology Chicken Return Policy -Cecil 4-H Embryology Flyer 

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