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Financial Management

Family Financial Stability:
Through statewide educational classes, Extension faculty provide information to help Maryland families acquire knowledge and skills to become proficient in budgeting, selecting and using credit, insurance and other consumer purchases and record organization. Program topics include Prescription for Financial Wellness, Financial Mistakes Even Smart People Make, Insurance Scams, Fraud and Misconceptions, Financial Impact of Death and Divorce, Legal Tools for Preserving Personal Autonomy, Insurance for the Elderly, Taking Charge of Your Health Care, Getting Rich Slowly and Carefully and Writing Wills in Maryland. To schedule a program at your work place or in your community call (410) 222-3903.

Living on a Reduced Income:
The Living on a Reduced Income program is designed to help residents forced to live on less as a result of job loss, underemployment or other crisis, evaluate and alter spending. Home Economics faculty teach classes for corporations, state and local government agencies, train officials and their staff, present workshops on military installations, and distribute timely publications including "Living On A Reduced Income." Volunteer financial counselors assist clients with budget counseling and debt negotiation.

Retirement and Estate Planning:
Retirement Planning programs help individual sand families plan for and maintain their lifestyles in retirement. Participants learn to estimate the amount they should save for retirement, to understand Social Security and pension benefits, to estimate retirement income and expenses, to actively manage retirement assets, to set estate planning goals, and plan for transfer of assets at death.

Savings and Investments:
Saving and Investment programs include information to help participants understand the meaning and value of compound interest and associated risk, to increase the amount saved for achieving personal/family goals, to understand the characteristics of various investment product, and to evaluate the bank safety and select the most economical banking services.

Other Information:

Credit Protection

Useful Financial Websites

For more information, please contact Vanessa Bright, FCS Educator or call (410) 222-3903.

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