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Manure (Small Quantities)

Q. My client has horses and does not spread any manure. The manure is put in a pile near the barn where it decomposes. Some of the manure is applied to the family garden and the neighbors take the rest. Is it necessary to address manure in the plan? (Updated 5-15)

A. Yes, manure must be addressed in the plan. You will need to determine the quantity of manure deposited on the pasture and also the quantity of manure collected.  If some will be used on a family garden and some will be exported, an estimate of both quantities is needed in the plan. 

 In the manure management paragraph, indicate the following:

1) estimate the amount of collected manure that can be applied on the home garden (see Using Manure from Operations Requiring Nutrient Management Plans on Operator’s Home Garden to estimate this);

2) estimate the quantity of manure available for export from the operation (quantity collected minus quantity used on family garden); and 

3) list names and town of the persons who will be utilizing the rest of the manure. 

 The client should keep a sign-up sheet handy and ask those exporting  manure from the operation to record their name, address, phone number, and amount of manure taken (just in case there is ever a question during an MDA inspection).

 If the pile of manure is outside of a storage structure (stockpiled), MDA regulations require that stockpiled organic nutrient sources “be land applied in the first spring season after the placement of the stockpile.”

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