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Manure Quantity Estimation for Organic Integrated Poultry Operators

Q. One of my clients is now growing organic integrated poultry and his birds will have access to pasture.  How do I estimate the amount of manure applied on the pasture?  (Posted December 19, 2014)

A. The amount of manure actually applied on pasture under these conditions is usually minimal. Use the same Poultry Litter Quantity Estimate for poultry with access to pasture as you would for conventional integrated poultry.  The reasons for this are listed below.

1) Birds with access to pasture are not allowed access for the first four weeks of life. 

2) During some times of the year, birds will not be allowed outside at all because of the outside temperature. 

3) Most defecation occurs near food and water, both of which are inside. 

As organic integrated poultry operations increase and more data on bird behavior become available, manure generation worksheets can be adjusted as needed.  

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