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FTC Skill Sheet Quizzes

To access the online FTC Quizzes, follow these instructions:

If you need assistance with the following directions, please contact Anastasia at 301-405-2465 or at

1. Go to

2. Click on "Student Site"

3. Click on "Sign Up"

4. Fill in the Student Registration information

5. Log in as a student.

6. Click the "Search" tab

7. Under “class search,” type in "FTC Pasture & Diverse"  and click "Exact Match" 

8. Check the box next to the class FTC Pasture & Diverse and then click "Register"

9. Click the "classes" tab at the top of the page to access the FTC Pasture & Diverse

10. You will then find the quizzes categorized by FTC chapter numbers 


  • Always click "return to this class page" when you finish each quiz. You can only "review this quiz" after you have completed all # of attempts (specified at the beginning of each quiz).
  • When you finish the questions, you have a chance to review and change your answers on the final screen before submitting the exam.
  • Click on "return to this class page" or "review this quiz" after you have completed the quiz to view results.
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