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Maryland Department of the Environment Regulation

Q.  I have a CAFO client who is transferring ownership from himself to an LLC.  I have been asked to develop a nutrient management plan for the LLC.  What else is required by the client to meet MDE’s requirements?  (posted July 14, 2017)


A.  Requirements for transfer of ownership differ for those registered under the current permit and those who are not yet registered under the current permit. 


            If the original owner/operator is registered under the current permit and the new owner/operator will be managing the farm according to the current required plans (CNMP or NMP/CP), then they (both original and new operator) can fill out a transfer form (attached) and avoid public notice.


            If current owner/operator is not registered under the current permit, then the current owner/operator should fill out a withdrawal form (attached) and a letter of modification (also attached).   The new owner/operator should submit a new NOI and required plans. (Source: Gary Kelman, CAFO Program, Maryland Department of the Environment) 

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