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Lesson Walkthrough Videos

Watch members of the AGsploration team walk through lesson activities and share tips and tricks for successful teaching.


Feeding Our Future

Explore DNA, the molecule that is responsible for the inheritance of traits, and understand that selective breeding and genetic engineering are used to develop desired traits.

Food, Fiber, and More From Animals     

Learn about the varied uses of animal byproducts or coproducts with a focus on Maryland agricultural animals.

Animal Digestion

Compare and contrast the digestive systems of ruminants (4-chambered stomach) and monogastric (single stomach) animals and compare those with human digestion. 


Undressing the Mystery of Meat

Learn about the process by which animals are harvested and processed into meat, including what percentage of the whole animal is meat we can eat.



Milk in Motion: A Dynamic Dairy Experiment

Learn about the dairy industry, dairy products, and the properties and composition of milk.

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