Direct Marketing

Any marketing method whereby farmers sell their products directly to consumers. Examples include roadside stands, farm stands, U-pick operations, community supported agriculture or subscription farming, farmers' markets, etc. Growers who market their products directly to customer usually receive a higher price than those who sell wholesale.


On the Web

  • Gary Bullen Home Page
    Topics include: Creating Business Opportunities, Direct Answers for Direct Marketing and Putting Small Acreage to Work. (posted 3/13/13)
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    Founded in 1998 by Mike Madin, a librarian coordinator, and is now maintained by multiple contributors. It is an online education resource center with extensive subject guides and distance learning information. Their mission is to provide free, independent and accurate information and resources for prospective and current students (and other researchers). (posted 3/13/13)
  • Direct Marketing Business Management Series
    By, Katherine Adam, Radhika Balasubrahmanyan, and Holly Born, NCAT Agriculture Specialists, published 1999.  This publication on direct marketing alternatives—with emphasis on niche, specialty and value-added crops—features many farm case studies, as well as information on enterprise budgets and promotion/publicity. A new section discusses implications of Internet marketing and e-commerce for agriculture. ATTRA Publication #IP113 (posted 3/13/13)
  • Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook
    By, Russell Tronstad and Julie Leones, This guide is designed to help farm and ranch operators (and other individuals who grow or process food products) market their products and services directly to the consumer. (posted 5/25/16)


  • A Marketing Decision Tool and Guide for Grass-fed Beef - EB374
    By Ginger S. Myers, Marketing Specialist, University of Maryland Extension and Director of the Maryland Rural Enterprise Development Center.  This resource guide will assist grass-fed beef producers formulate profitable marketing strategies. It is a decision tool to assist individual producers in making marketing decisions about what to produce; where/how/in what venue(s) outlets to market their product; and practical risk management strategies. View online (PDF) (posted 3/13/13)


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