Maryland Farm Internships and Labor Laws Many farms across Maryland use interns to lighten the overall farm workload and help young people gain practical farming knowledge.  Although interns can be a welcome addition to a farm’s workforce, farm employers need to be aware of how to properly compensate interns and the legal consequences of adding them to the payroll.
Maryland Consulting and Industrial Foresters Directory The Maryland Consulting and Industrial Foresters Directory lists Licensed Professional Foresters who offer a wide range of services to woodland property owners. Services include forest stewardship plans, timber stand and wildlife habitat improvement, and much more. The Directory is for reference only and is not an endorsement of any forester listed.
Precision Soil Sampling One soil sample often represents 10-50 acres and works well for whole field nutrient application. For those who use precision agriculture equipment to target nutrients where they are needed, different methods must be used. Two that have been developed include grid and zone sampling. This publication discussed the methods and ideas behind each sampling type.
Stress and Health We usually associate “stress” with overpowering emotions and out of control situations. It is true in most cases, however, it is not the whole truth. Stress is a body’s mechanism to a change. It helps in preparing for the uncertainty and urgent situations. However, chronic exposure to stress can lead to a feeling of burn- out, chronic diseases, mental halth isuues, and lower productivity.
Protecting the Family Farm in Divorce  Divorce can be financially devastating for a family farm. Protecting the family farm from divorce is possible if farmers plan ahead with a valid prenuptial agreement, understand the legal parameters of marital vs.
How to Lease Your Land With a Conservation Easement (FS-1049)  A conservation easement is a right or power which a landowner gives to a third party. Landowners may choose to donate easements for a variety of reasons, including tax benefits and/ or an interest in land conservation for environmental or other concerns. This guide walks through some legal considerations for landowners interested in leasing land with an easement for agricultural use.
Frequently Asked Questions: Can I Cut My Neighbor’s Tree Back From Our Property Line? This is not a substitute for legal advice.  Image by Edwin Remsberg
Family Farms Should Consider a Family Business Governance Plan Photo by Edwin Remsberg This post is not legal advice or advice on how to deal with family members, in-laws, or other relatives
Partnerships Need a Plan for Winding Down Affairs Photo by Edwin Remsberg This post is not legal advice
Family Limited Partnership as a Business Structure? Photo by Edwin Remsberg This post is not legal advice
2016 Cash Rents in Maryland and Delaware             USDA’s National Agricultural Statistic Service (NASS) updated data on cash rent paid by farmers in 2016.  NASS collects this data from 240,000 farms across the United States annually through the Cash Rent Survey - data used by other agencies throughout USDA.  The survey results give us an idea of what other tenants in the area may be paying per acre for farmland.
Crop Insurance For Maryland Field Crops And Livestock Image by Edwin Remsberg Multi-peril crop insurance is a valuable risk management tool which allows you to insure against losses on your farm due to adverse weather conditions, price fluctuations, and unavoidable pests and diseases. It shifts unavoidable production risks to an insurance company for the payment of a fixed amount of premium per acre.
Landowners Need to do Background Research Before Entering Into a Solar Energy Lease Image by Edwin Remsberg This post is not legal advice
How Will Dairy Farmers of America Settlement Impact Maryland Dairy Farmers? Image by Edwin Remsberg This post is not legal advice
Help, I Just Inherited the Family Farm With My Siblings. Now What? Photo by Edwin Remsberg This post is not legal advice
Have You Developed an Estate Plan? What Happens When You Die Without A Will? Photo by Edwin Remsberg This post is not legal advice
New Regulations on Invasive Plants in Maryland Go Into Effect This post should not be a substitute for legal advice
On-Farm Breweries Are a Growing Agritourism Area, But Keep In Mind Legal Requirements Recently, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation to allow for the development of on-farm breweries.  This area of the law (at least in Maryland) is still new and developing as it relates to breweries.
How do CSA Operators Manage Risks In Their Operations? CSA operators utilize various methods to manage risks in their operations.  One way can be through the membership agreement, but other ways can be utlized.  Recently, a report was issued by Mayhah R.
Proposed Poultry Litter Management Act Means a Change in How Growers and Integrators Manage Litter Photo by Edwin Remsberg  This post should not be considered legal advice or a political statement for or against this proposed legislation
Another Look at the Farmers’ Rights Act: How Would Livestock Production Contracts Be Impacted in Maryland? Photo by Edwin Remsberg This post should not constitute legal advice or lobbying for or against this piece of legislation.  The purpose of this post is to review the possible implications of proposed legislation.
How to Handle Crop Insurance Proceeds and Farm Program Payments on Your Taxes Photo by Edwin Remsberg  This post should not be construed as tax advice


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