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Essay Question for 2019 Out of State Trips:

"Describe your most significant 4-H experiences and how they contributed to your personal growth as shown by attitude, insights, and life skills gained."

  • The 4-H Resume - This is a Sample - Your Personal Resume would need to be Filled out/ Saved & Attached in the Out of State Trips Portal.

ESSAY - Write an Essay on the above topic (the question is changed each year) and upload as one of the documents in the Portal.

Out of State Trips Portal - Upload your:

  • Out of State Trip Application (for National 4-H Congress, Miniwanca, West Virginia 4-H Camp and Virginia 4-H Congress – all on the same Out of State Trip Application.)
  • 4-H Resume – complete this using the sample format.
  • 4-H Essay – write your essay using the Essay Question for the current year.

Your interviews will be scheduled based on the information you provide on the Trip Application. Please note, a 4-Her can attend each trip only once with a maximum of TWO trips from this list during their 4-H career, and only ONE trip in a calendar year. 

Diamond Clover Program  

Maryland 4-H All Stars Diamond Clover Volunteers - This PowerPoint gives an overview of the 4-H Diamond Clover Project and how 4-H All Stars can provide service in serving as Mentors/ Committee Members/ Resources for those 4-H members who are interested in submitting a Plan/Project and have questions. Please contact Jessica Sizemore to connect with a Maryland 4-H All-Star.

Diamond Clover – Level 6 applications are due to the state 4-H Office by September 30th. Your county review of your proposal will be before you submit your proposal in the PORTAL below.  Download all documents, fill in all information, then save them in the Portal below.  Remember, your county reviews first, THEN send to state office for approval!


Submit PROPOSAL Documents to this portal ONLY. Final project reports are to be submitted to the portal below. 

Do NOT email materials -- ALL documents must be uploaded into the PORTAL to be considered submitted.   If you are having problems uploading, please consult your County 4-H Office right away.

  • Level Six Plan and Report when submitting a Final Project – fill in this form with the 8 tasks that you did to complete your Diamond Clover Level 6.
  • Level Six Service Learning Project Proposal Form - This is your planning document and one of your final reporting documents.  For Diamond Clover Level 6 Final Report – redo your planning proposal form to reflect the completion of the project.  Your actual expenditures, your actual timeline, what you learned – each step should be completed to show the result of your Diamond Clover Level 6 Service Learning Project.
  • Level Six Final Report Signature Page - to be signed off by your parent / your Diamond Clover Committee Members and your 4-H Leader after they have reviewed your Final Report.  Also share your final paperwork with your 4-H Educator(s).


Submit all completed materials for recognition by September 30th in the Portal link above. 


1.  Revised updated Plan and REPORT - to reflect REPORTING what you actually did / actual timeline / actual expenses / etc.
2.  Pictures / Documentation of work done.  This may be letters, pictures, etc.

3. Level 6 Signature Page -- upon receiving your completed Report and all documentation - this Signature Page will be used for final State 4-H Program Leader sign off.

If appropriate guidelines are not followed, project will not be recognized. All dates must be observed to achieve recognition.


Maryland 4-H Foundation Academic Scholarship Form

What's New

4-H Portfolios

Portfolio packets are due for Out of State Trips - National 4-H Congress, Miniwanca, West Virginia and Virginia 4-H Congress on January 15th.  Please encourage your outstanding teens to submit their packet.  
We'd like to have every county and Baltimore City represented in our National 4-H Congress delegation, and this 4-H Portfolio packet is another step in the development of essential life skills.  Certainly our teens will benefit from preparing their Resumes, being able to express themselves will be highlighted not only in the Essay, but also during the Interview Process.  Help your teens develop these skills and be rewarded with an experience of a lifetime!!! 
Have your County Out of State Trip winners from past years return to a county-wide event and report on their experience as a representative of Maryland at National 4-H Congress, at Camp Miniwanca, at the West Virginia 4-H Older Members' Camp or at Virginia Congress.  They can share their value of this experience better and promote this Portfolio development to their peers!
Check the forms on-line - and if you have questions contact Sandy -

National Youth Leadership Conference - Miniwanca

Join the American Youth Foundation in their efforts to celebrate, form and inform this generation of youth leaders. Together we can invest in and nurture youth as they seek to become healthy happy adults who will rally to the call of facing and addressing some of life's greatest challenges. The American Youth Foundation is the leadership group that provides the Leadership Camp at Miniwanca.

By recognizing individuals with the National Leadership Award (NLA), or a copy of the book, "I Dare You!" - You are helping young people discover and develop the best in themselves as they make ready to take action as leaders. Both the NLA and "I Dare You!" are proven catalyst in the lives of youth and adults who are seeking to make a positive difference in their communities and the wider world. We are hopeful you will continue to share these tools with the youth you serve.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our St. Louis office, where all orders are now being processed. We can be reached at or by phone at 314-719-4343.
Every youth deserves the resources, role models and experiences that will enable them to reach their given potential, to discover and be their best. Thank you for making an investment in our youth - an investment that is not only necessary but one that has guaranteed returns.

Portfolio Packets to become a Maryland Delegate to National 4-H Conference are due on October 15th to participate in the National Conference held the following Spring!  The same Portfolio Packet procedures apply.



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