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Results of 2009 Maryland 4-H State Hippology Contest


Senior Individuals
1.Kaitlyn Pontuti (Baltimore) 
2. MacKenzie Bernard (Howard)
3. Theresa Alexander (Montgomery)
4. Amanda Rasch (Carroll)
5. Rachel Ginn (Cecil)
6. Rebecca Hoffman (Carroll)
7. Brooke Dudrow (Talbot)
8. Sonja Stojic (Montgomery)
9. Ashley Newman (Carroll)
10. Allie Pickens (Howard)

Intermediate Individuals
1. Olivia Richart (Cecil)
2. Hannah Engle (Talbot)
3. Heather Gleason (Baltimore)
4. Julia Montoya (Montgomery)
5. Beth Lemmon (Howard)
6. Dana Levin (Baltimore)
7. Jessica Lantz (Talbot)
8. Mary Lentz (Frederick)
9. Tori Willis (Montgomery)
10. Victoria Vidi (Howard)

Junior Individuals
1. River Shannon (Cecil)
2. Charlie Pfaff (Talbot)
3. Emily Sewell (Montgomery)
4. Kerri Virtz (Carroll)
5. Mary Golden (Queen Anne’s)
6. Jenny Searles (Montgomery)
7.Sarah Baynard (Talbot)
8. Amber Snyder (Montgomery)
9. Erin Snyder (Montgomery)
10. Melissa Lempicki (Montgomery)


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