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Maryland 4-H Animal Science Volunteer Webinar Series


4-H Animal Science Volunteers are invited to register for the all new Animal Science Project Leaders/Volunteers Webinar Series which will be held each month, January through May, 2013. All sessions will be held 7:00-8:00 pm via the UME Connect system. The dates and topics are as follows:

  • January 29 - Topic: Animal Science Program Updates - This session will provide an overview of Animal Science Program Updates for 2013. Instructors: Chris Anderson, Kiera Finucane, Jennifer Reynolds.
  • February 26 - Topic: Preparing for Competitive Events - This session will provide a brief overview of the various Statewide 4-H Animal Science competitive events and helpful tips for preparing 4-H members and club/county teams for these events. Instructors: Chris Anderson, April Barczewski, Bonnie Boyden, David Gordon.
  • March 25 - Topic: Animal Science Project Records - This session will provide an overview for the new Maryland 4-H Animal Science Projects Records. Instructors: Chris Anderson, Sheryl Bennett-Dowdy.
  • April 30 - Topic: Risk Management for Animal Projects/Activities - This session will provide an overview of various risk management considerations and strategies for animal related 4-H events and activities. Instructors: Chris Anderson, Karol Dyson, Denise Frebertshauser.
  • May 28 - Topic: Sportsmanship in 4-H Animal Projects - This session will provide an opportunity to discuss methods to teach and promote good sportsmanship in 4-H animal science project work and related events. Instructors: Chris Anderson, Donielle Axline.

Volunteers are requested to visit the AGNR Calendar to register for each session at:



General Questions - Chris Anderson : 301-314-7187

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