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Horsemanship Standards Monthly Learning Lessons


The purpose of the Monthly Learning Lessons is to provide 4-H Leaders with topics and resources to teach at their monthly club meetings. This page serves only as a suggestion and resource for Maryland 4-H clubs to use in order to further educate their 4-H members. We have identified a broad topic for each month and have included suggested subtopics in order to help create a more focused learning plan. For each month, we will create a list of learning resources, online instructional resources, and activities for club members to utilize.

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JANUARY: Pony Parts/Anatomy, Markings, Colors, and Horse Breeds

FEBRUARY: Nutrition Feed identification, hays, feeding programs, feed storage, and safe feeding

MARCH: Tack and Equipment Saddles, Bridles, Blankets, and Martingales

APRIL: Grooming (Braiding, Clipping, Proper Attire, and Turnout)

MAY: Conditioning and Riding Getting your horse fit for a particular discipline, riding/suppling exercises, riding clinics, and riding test/patterns

JUNE: Conformation Faults, Lameness, Blemishes, Gaits and Movement

JULY: Bandaging Stable bandages, shipping bandages, exercise bandages, boots, and specialty bandages

AUGUST: Leading, Quick Release Knots, and Longeing (Horse Handling)

SEPTEMBER: Stable Management and Parasites Best management practices, barn setup, pasture safety

OCTOBER: Transportation and Travel Safety Loading, unloading, trailer equipment, travel safety precautions, and travel equipment

NOVEMBER: Safety (Barn and Riding) Poisonous plants, helmets, safety vests, riding in a group, heat stroke precautions, proper cooling out, safe storage

DECEMBER: Health Care and Veterinary Knowledge Separate into systems, diseases, transmission, foot/hoof, shoeing, vital signs, etc.

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