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New 4-H Youth Healthy Living Ambassadors have been trained at our February Maryland Healthy Living Summits. These 4-H HL Ambassadors now have resources to provide healthy living activities for their clubs and counties to promote healthier lifestyles across our state. Through our Healthy Living Ambassador Resource page and our Up For the Challenge and Health Rocks! curriculums, these ambassadors are helping to create a healthier world by encouraging other youth and adults to eat healthier, live active lifestyles, and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Resources for quick, easy, hands-on activities are available to all our HL Ambassadors for each of their club meetings.  Our goal is to eventually have a Healthy Living Ambassador in each 4-H club throughout the state.

Get Involved!  If you or you know someone who is interested in becoming a 4-H Youth Healthy Living Ambassador, please contact Sandy Corridon at


4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors! Your job is to provide healthy living activities for your counties and 4-H clubs and promote healthier lifestyles. Lots of activities that may be used are listed on this page. If you find additional resources, let us know so we can share with the other 4-H Health Ambassadors!

Remember, we are keeping track of your progress. Please fill out this form when you have done an activity at your club or in your county.

Healthy Living Ambassadors that complete 5 or more activities throughout the year will receive a Healthy Living Ambassador polo shirt. Other prizes may be awarded periodically as reports come in!!

Resources Shared at 2017 Healthy Living Summits

Powerpoints and Videos

Nutrition Jeopardy

Make your own Nutrition Jeopardy by using a poster board or find a template online. You can also borrow the one we have at the Maryland State 4-H Office.

Healthy Snack Resources

Health Rocks! Activities & Games

 Up For the Challenge Activities

For Free Handouts

Order printed publications for free to use as handouts in your clubs

Websites with printouts and activities:

 Other Resources

Goal Setting


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