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2012 Horse Jamboree Results Hashawha Environmental Center July 13 - July 15, 2012



Public Speaking 
Junior Division - 
Brook Ann Howard (Anne Arundel) - Blue, Champion 
Heather Barlage (Anne Arundel)- Red, Reserve Champion 

Intermediate Division - 
Ashlee Leshinski (Anne Arundel)- Blue, Champion 
Joshlyn Roberston (Carroll)-Blue, Reserve 
Lexi Solley (Anne Arundel)-Red 
Morgan Jones (Carroll)- White 
Deserae Middlebrooks (Anne Arundel)- White 
Carina Yeager (Carroll)- White 

Senior Division - 
Weber Stibolt (Anne Arundel) - Blue, Champion 
Tori Fromm (Carroll ) - Red 
Nicole Cruz (Anne Arundel)- Red
Luke Hammond (Carroll)- Red

Individual Presntation 
Junior Division - 
Josh Bubczyk(Carroll) - Blue, Champion 
Allison Stoner (Carroll)- Blue, Reserve Champion
Kirsten Snyder (Montgomery)- Red
Maya Howard (Carroll)- Red 
Noah Brown (Carroll)- Red

Intermediate Division - 
Hallie Bubcyzk (Carroll)- Blue, Champion 
Carley Gray (Anne Arundel)- Blue 
Taylor Bennett (Carroll)-Red 
Jenny Searles (Montgomery)-Red 
Alexis Dickson (Carroll)-White 

Senior Division - 
Sarah Baugher (Carroll) - Blue, Champion 
Colleen Alexander (Montgomery) - Blue, Reserve Champion 
Shannon Scott (Carroll)-Blue
Deserae Long (Carroll)- Red 

Team Demonstration
Junior Division - 
Lindsay Dumbrowsky & Madelyn Solley (Anne Arundel)- Blue, Champion 

Bonnie Caden & Cassie Reid (Montgomery)- Blue, Reserve Champion

Intermediate Division - 
Jenna Whittington & Samantha Barlage (Anne Arundel)- Blue, Champion
Brittany Dumbrowsky & Ally Klug (Anne Arundel)- Red 
Karissa Brown & Rachel Strong (Carroll) - Red
Maggie Ryan & Hannah Cimbaljevich (Carroll)- White

Senior Division - 
Jamie Goretsas & Anne Gaffney (Carroll) Blue, Champion 
Serena Hare & Colton Macleod (Carroll)- Blue, Reserve Champion 
Beth Lemmon & Olivia Stibolt (Howard and Anne Arundel)- Red 
Hannah Nusbaum & Allison Piper (Carroll)- Red 


Junior Division - 
1. Kirsten Snyder (Montgomery) 
2. Josh Bubczyk (Carroll) 
3. Lindsay Dumbrowsky (Anne Arundel) 
4. Heather Barlage (Anne Arundel) 
5. Brooke Howard (Anne Arundel)

Intermediate Division - 
1. Hallie Bubczyk (Carroll) 
2. Samantha Barlage (Anne Arundel) 
3. Brooke Bollinger (Carroll) 
4. Madelyn Sewell (Montgomery) 
5. Lillian Alster (Carroll)

Senior Division - 
1. Beth Lemmon (Howard) 
2. Tori Willis (Montgomery) 
3. Sonja Stojic (Montgomery) 
4. Anne Gaffney (Carroll) 
5. Serena Hare (Carroll) 


Junior Division - 
Kirsten Snyder (Montgomery) -Champion 
Lindsay Dumbrowsky (Anne Arundel)- Reserve Champion 

Intermediate Division -
Hallie Bubczyk (Carroll)-Champion
Samantha Barlage (Anne Arundel)-Reserve Champion 

Senior Division - 
Anne Gaffney (Carroll)-Champion- Recipient of $500 Academic Scholarship 
Beth Lemmon (Howard)-Reserve Champion


Congratulations to all participants and many thanks to the Carroll County volunteers for their efforts in making the 2012 Horse Jamboree a complete success!

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